Whether you are moving home?

Want to dispose of your old furniture?

Just looking to have a home de-clutter?

Are looking for probate valuation and clearance?

We can help

Be it a full or part House Clearance – Probate – or simply downsizing, we can organise the discreet and efficient removal of furniture and sundry items.

Clearing the house after bereavement can be extremely traumatic as well as time consuming and very physical. One of the major issues is parting with cherished items or deciding how to recycle different items and this has proved to be a difficult experience for many people.

Many retired people decide to downsize to a smaller home sometimes moving to sheltered accommodation. We can advise and assist in all aspects, including the actual move.

From your telephone call or email to Clear and Clean, we will contact you to discuss the requirements of your job. We will enquire about the size and the location of the property and confirm parking and access.

We will ask you if there is anything large or unusual in the property. We expect things like wardrobes & washing machines, it does help however if we know in advance that there is a large object for removal.

We will need you to show us exactly what you would like done. Specifically to point out anything which you do not want clearing or removing from the property.

We will agree a fee if there is one, most cases there is not. if there is a fee, this fee is fixed and will include up to one and a half tonnes of waste for recycling, which we find is adequate for most three bedroom houses.

We will agree a date and a time for the house clearance, and we will meet you at the property. Or if you can’t be there, then we will obtain details of your solicitor or estate agent or a family member and contact them to discuss obtaining the keys.

If you are no longer local just pop the keys in the post! These will be returned to you with Photos so you know that the property is in the condition you need it to be.

That’s it. You don’t have to do anything else before the house clearance. We don’t ask you to sort through, or to bag or box up. Just leave it all for us. We’ll do all the work.

On the day of the clearance we will meet you, or your representative, at the property at the time and date agreed.

The team will then set to work, and will empty the whole house, including all the cupboards, the loft, the shed and the garage. And if you have asked us, the carpets will be uplifted too. All furniture and contents will be removed and taken away.

When the property is empty or as you want it, we will vacuum it, and leave it clear and tidy.

We will then give you a call, and ask you to meet us at the property, to check that everything has been done to your satisfaction.



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